A lovely combination of Lime and Coconut! 

This is an honorary soap, made for a friend who loves beachy/suntan oil scents. We think we got pretty close to the real deal!

A vegan soap, made with organic pure olive oil, organic coconut oil, H2O, lye, mica, coconut fragrance oil, and lime essential oil.


Halee's Comet

  • Because of the nature of soap, and our inability to re-sell it once it has been shipped, we do not except returns. You may cancel your order, at no charge, prior to it's shipping. Shipping usually takes place within a week of the order. 

  • Handmade soap is an investment in your skin, so be sure you are taking proper care of it. Let your soap dry in between showers and baths. A slotted soap dish or a wire rack so that your soap can breathe is best. With proper care your bar will last longer.



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