Pink Sprin is an invigorating citrus fragrance enveloped in an herbal bouquet. Notes of citrus and sweet basil give way to a prominent orange peel note. Mint leaves and chamomile combine with agave nectar and tomato leaf in the base. Orange and lemon essential oils keep Pink Spring bright and juicy, while mint and eucalyptus essential oils reinforce the green, herbaceous accord.


Made with 8 ounces of 100% Organic Soy Wax Blend, premium cotton wick, clean fragrance and essential oils in an amber vessel.

Pink Spring

  • Let the wax reach near the edges on the first burn.

    Never burn your candle more that 3-4 hours at one time.

    Be sure to use a wick trimmer to trim cotton wick to 1/4 inch 24 hours after your burn, or before you relight it.